Mercury outboard 2 stroke oil leak

Discussion in ' Outboards ' started by dblantonJun 16, Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. Oil Dripping from lower unit Discussion in ' Outboards ' started by dblantonJun 16, I checked the gearcase oil, no signs of water in the gearcase and the gearcase was full so I'm sure that the dripping oil is not from the gearcase.

The oil is much to thin to be gearcase oil. Where is the oil comming from? Thers another thread on the forum with a similar problem -- he also had fuel leak from his power head. I think yours is similar in so much as it is normal for exess fuel around the carbs from reversion etc to run down the leg when switched off.

In the old days we would disconnect the fuel pipe from the engine and let her run out of fuel. They dont do that any more. Just switch off and hit the trim button!!! Personally if you dont have an obvious fuel leak and the gearcase is full I wouldnt worry too much about it. But to answer your question its probably fuel oil. FrostyJun 17, I got the leaking fuel from the power head fixed by resealing the crankcase halves. The oil dripping from the lower unit where the exhaust comes out is a new issue.

The oil is black and has an exhaust smell to it. The oil in the gear case is almost as clean looking as it was the day it was put in. Engine seems to be running fine.

How to Troubleshoot a Mercury Outboard Engine

Other than the nasty mess that the dripping oil leaves on my garage floor should I be concerned? Is it normal for an engine to do this, if so what would be the expected normal amount of oil dripping out. I've noticed the same thing on my 30 johnson.

Without knowing why, I assumed it was excess fuel leaking out. My fuel mix was a little heavy on oil - ml to I also noticed a dark smear down the leg from the two holes at the back of the leg, which I attributed to my rich fuel mix. The motor has just been tuned and serviced. I would strongly recomend you do not experiment with fuel oil mix and then give the engine a good hard run.

If you wish to eliminate your suspicion of a strong mix then drain the tank and refill with the proper mix for your engine. Fuel will evaporate from the mix leaving the oil.Outboard boat motors are notorious for problems. To troubleshoot the engine, go through a series of checks for specific issues that can occur and fix as needed. The most common problem with both two- and four-stroke engines begin with the fuel system.

Given this reality, keep a couple of oars handy for if the engine fails while you're out on the water. It also helps to have a citizen's band radio aboard the boat or a cell phone if there is service in the area to contact someone for help if needed.

Mercury Marinebased in Wisconsin, has been making Mercury outboard motors in two- and four-stroke versions ranging from 2. If you have a two-stroke outboard motor, you must add oil to the fuel to lubricate the engine. Four-stroke engines don't need the oil in the engine and are much cleaner machines overall. All two-stroke engines require that you add a specific oil to the gasoline. The oil-to fuel ratio depends on the requirements of the specific motor.

The oil protects and lubricates the engine as well as ensuring a long- life.

800 etec crank bearings

If you do not mix the oil according to the correct ratio -- which could beor depending on your motor -- you will have problems such as:. To correct this, empty the fuel tank of all oil. In a clean can containing a gallon of gas, pour in the correct amount of oil.

For example, if you require a ratio, each gallon of gas requires 4 ounces of the right oil for the motor mixed in. Foradd 3. Remove and clean the spark plug and replace it before pouring the gas back into the fuel tank.

Improperly mixed gasoline tends to foul the spark plug as well. Some engines -- not the pull-start kind -- have a battery that starts it. If your engine has a battery, make sure it is charged up before use; verify the battery connections are clean -- as corroded connections can keep a Mercury outboard from starting. Outboard motors require that you start them up and hold the gas until they can idle on their own. Once the motor idles on its own, it is warm enough to operate.

Stalling, power loss or excessive vibration generally indicates one or more of the following, depending on the specific problem :. A fouled propeller requires turning the engine off and cleaning the debris from the propeller.

But when the motor runs fine, but the boat doesn't go anywhere, it's likely the propeller isn't spinning due to a broken shear pin. The pin is designed to break instead of the propeller when it contact with debris or a stationary object. If the propeller works, but the boat or motor vibrates excessively, this could be due to a damaged or loose propeller.

Verify the blades are free of creaks or breaks; replace damaged propellers with new ones. Outboard motors pull water from the lake, river or ocean through an intake to keep the engine from overheating. Debris in the water can get stuck in the intake and cause the engine to overheat. Check the intake for clogs.

mercury outboard 2 stroke oil leak

Other possible causes of overheating include:. As a native Californian, artist, journalist and published author, Laurie Brenner began writing professionally in She has written for newspapers, magazines, online publications and sites.Join us now!

Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More. Recent Blog Posts. Recent Photos. View More Photo Galleries. Unread PMs. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Essentials Only Full Version. New Angler. I only notice the oil in the water when we shut off the engine.

I can't tell where its coming from. I know its not coming from the gear oil fill and drain plugs.

Mercury Engine Oil

Any ideas what I should check before I take it back to the dealer? Pro Angler. I'd take it back if it is new. Keep in mind 1 drop of gas will make a 2 square foot "oil slick".

Oil Dripping from lower unit

Even if it's a loose hose or something, it shouldn't be your problem if it's brand new. I know that 2 strokes have a little oil in their exhaust, so common to see a little oil slick from them.

Not sure if 4 strokes do the same. If it really looks like a leak, then take it back and have the dealer deal with it. Engine needs time to brake in. Might be normal. Thats what I'm thinking Outdoor Adventures. If its out of the water, connect to a water hose and a muff. Check for leaks. Visit FishErie. Visit FishSalmonRiver. Latest Posts. Re: Trump Re: Joe Biden Re: Trump Re: Coronavirus opinions Re: Trump Active Posts.


Joe Biden Coronavirus opinions fun stuff anyone fishing world record carp pics protest opinions Weather thread Beckman Rd acess area to Elk creek The garden and farm thread.So i came off the lake today and got home and noticed alot of oil leaking out of the resevor, done a search and seems this is typical for a 60 hp mercury 2 stroke?

Seen a thing on ebay called a merc buddy that eliminates this problem. Anybody else have hints,tips, tricks or the same problem? I did kinda overfill the tank, and its inside the motor.

Harpasa asma klozet

Overfill and trim up can make them spill, I know of a few people that have removed the oil reservoir and just mixed it in the fuel tank. I will probably just fill it to the half way mark from now on and leave it at that and see if it stopsi dont think it uses a whole lot anyway do they?

They use 1 gallon of oil to 50 gallons of gas. I've heard bad story's about those oil reservoirs not working properly and blowing the motor.

I've got a 90 Johnson and the previous owner disconnected the oil reservoir. I premix and don't have any issues other than a little extra smoke on startup if the motor hasn't been started in a few months. Not sure if that's because of my premix or just because the motor hasn't been ran in a while. My oil tank is inside the boat tho, it's not mounted on the motor. Well ive read alot about this on the internet tonight, seems to be a pretty common problem with 2 stroke motors and the cap on top leaking oil.

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Several solutions, one is a item on ebay called a merc buddy, Some say home depot has a cap part no. Don't think it's the premix. I use the remote oil tank and mine smokes to high heaven on the first start after I've been on the road awhile. Goes away in a few minutes. Well dang it, its not the cap, not sure where the leak is coming from, im gonna go fishin tomorrow regardless, i just spent bucks to get this sucker runnin.

Other than this minor set back, it has ran like a brand new motor since i got it back from Watsons, it fires up and runs on the first crank. You can post now and register later.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.This is the best Mercury Outboard Forum on the internet, it's yours!

mercury outboard 2 stroke oil leak

If you own a Mercury Outboard. Are you looking for good advice about your Mercury outboard engine problems and issues.

All you need to know about your outboard engine issues and good advice from your fellow boaters. From outboard engine and electrical and electronics systems to engine and alarm issues, tilt and trim issues, this is the place to find information.

So where do you start? There is a lot to know. I get asked regularly about what is the problem, and more importantly and how to fix a problem. I am not an armchair expert, but a qualified and practicing marine electrician and engineer and a marine surveyor. I do this for a living. Thousands of people input with answers to problems. What is your outboard problem? Why not choose from one of my many books to help you fix your problems. Here are some hot topics for the boat-forum:.

This is just a fraction of the plus questions that were posted, and it is hoped that this NEW Mercury Outboard forum and bulletin board does the same. The Forum is also a great place to look for spare parts that are hard to find, share your problems and experience with others, ask questions, share stories and more about my books and related topics and a lot more.

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Save the problem description to the text, more detail means better answers. Do you have Mercury outboard engine problems? Share it on the Outboard Forum! Whether you are looking advice on an outboard motor or a difficult marine electrical or electronics technical problem then post your story or message here! Give us a detailed description, short 5 word posts are not much use and will not be posted. Put your boat info, outboard make and model or basic detail in the post title. Mercury outboard engine problems and issues?

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Unable to locate oil leak on 8hp 2 stroke Mercury. Thread starter Skidude17 Start date Jun 6, Skidude17 Petty Officer 1st Class. Joined Jul 10, Messages The motor is a 2 stroke 8 hp Mercury SN: 0G I got this motor as a kicker on a boat I bought last year. When I changed the oil for wintering last year, I saw a very trace amount of water in the gear oil, but during pressure tests it maintains pressure, so I thought it must be because the previous owner had double gaskets on both the drain and vent plugs.

After running the motor for about 4 hours recently, I found oil coming out of the gear casing behind and through the prop.

I drained the gear oil, and there was more contaminated oil then when I winterized it. When I dropped the lower unit, I found a bunch of contaminated oil in the exhaust cavity of the lower unit seen in the attached photos. Does anybody have suggestions for other ways to test or locate the leak?This article contains affiliate links.

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The best outboards are the ones able to produce enough power in order to send your boat towards your destination very easily and as quickly as you need. They have to work smoothly and experience no issues. But in order to maintain them and make sure they are functioning the way they should, they need the right type of oil. Were you aware of the fact that the best 2 stroke outboard oil can make a difference when it comes to the well-functioning of your outboard motor?

That being said, we decided to give you a hand by offering you some information on how to choose the best outboard oil. The one thing that made us love this oil is how it prevents carbon deposits. This oil is suitable for all liquid-cooled tow-smoke engines, as well as lower specific output air-cooled engines that work under all operating conditions. Quicksilver Premium Plus Two-Cycle TC-W3 Oil For your peace of mind, you might need this Quicksilver oil in your life, since you most likely want your outboard to always have a proper performance.

Aside from helping your outboard engine run nicely, it also has the advantage of fighting rust deposits in the combustion chamber, as well as the intake and exhaust passages. Also, to make sure your outboard is even better maintained, there will be no carbon deposits either. The oil was made in such a way that there will be less smoke, and carbon deposits will be prevented. In that case, Pennzoil might have just the product you need. This oil was made to keep your marine engine running clean at all times, thus ensuring you will not have your boat stop in the middle of nowhere.

That gives it some versatility, which is amazing. Also, we were impressed to see how good the product is against carbon deposits.

mercury outboard 2 stroke oil leak

If you want to make your outboard engine more durable, then this oil can help out. However, with this Evinrude Johnson oil, you will not have to deal with this issue.

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